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Dearest Family,
I have the greatest possible news. This nation I am now working for this Gideon is a great nation. Not only was I accepted readily into the mercenary corps, but they put me into a special scout unit where my talents can be put to the greatest use. The scout unit was then divided up into several smaller parties. My party currently has four members; two are humans, one a thief, and one a thin wiry man of unknown power. My other companion is most unusual. I believe we were perhaps put together as neither of us is human. He is a satyr if you can believe that. A fey!, here in Selador. His name is Roven of Truendor wherever that is. The two humans are brothers, the thief is named Adrienne, and his brother is called Draco. They are the brothers Hart.
Our first quest was into the hills to the north, they had received word that there was an army of orcs in the mountains beyond the hills. We were to scout, and report back what we found. We came across a cave of goblins, which were quickly dispatched thanks to my bow, and my comradeís swords. One goblin retreated to the rear of the cave, and began to help us in our search. Roven apparently speaks one of their awful tongues, and was able to interrogate our goblin friend. This inquiry led us to a meeting of a bugbear, and four orcs, from which we gained another friend. His name is Larzeks, and he is the bugbear. He was attempting to buy protection for his tribe from the untruthful orcs. When he handed over his gold the orcs pulled their weapons, and began to assault him. I have a feeling that Larziks could have dispatched the orcs without our help, but we went to his aid. In return he gave us the gold, asked for our protection for his tribe, and offered to keep the hills under his strict control for us. He also said he would clear the goblins from the hills, and we asked him to leave our small friend alone. We also were told of murderous humans near the city on the southern end of the hills. That was where we got into some trouble.
This was before our meeting with Larzeks, it was our goblin friends way of making us trust him. We were lead to a small cabin, we arrived early in the morning, and attempted to spy on the house. We were soon caught thanks to Dracoís endless noise. The cabin door swung open, and large human stepped out. He inquired as to our purpose, and we responded that we were only walking by. After many words were exchanged we determined these people we law abiding citizens. Our goblin friend assailed us to dig in the back of the cabin, and that we would find fresh human remains. We moved around to the rear of the cabin, and bean to dig. As we were digging suddenly we were attacked from above. The three men inside the cabin had heard us, and began to attack us. It took some effort, but we were able to dispatch these men. We found the dead body of a Gideon tax collector in the earth, and his tax pouch in the cabin.
After our exciting adventures we returned to the army camp, and were congratulated on our discoveries by being told that we would be sent back towards the mountains to see if we could get a count of the orc army, and if we could determine their plans. However before heading back, we were given a day of leave in the city, where we will be heading when dawn comes. Itís been so exciting working with these humans. They do so much so fast. I can only imagine the things they could accomplish with a longer lifetime.


Associated Regions: Gideon, Tuallen
From the journal of Eldamar Raenwe

Contributor: Joey Zilka