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The Storm Wanes
So we barely got away from the Isle Of Ruin, which is NOT part of the human lands. Jacques almost died and I saved him. I also got us out of a particularly nasty cave with my stunning acrobatic skills. Never send a boy to do a woman's job. We stole this moldy old ship and barely escaped with our lives.

So now we're actually in the human lands. Nodia and Gwendolin disappeared sometime on the cruise. Guess they needed a bath and jumped overboard. Gwendolin wasn't doing so good after seeing the bleeding trees on the isle. She is a tree hugger after all.

But we did meet a new, um, character. Altaire. She wears a funky mask to make herself look human. An elf living in human lands is not the safest inclination. I guess she feels sorry for them or something. I don't. They treat me pretty much the same way elves do. When elves look at me, they see bad blood. Less pointy ears. Less refined. Low class. When these humans looked at me, all they see is just another elf. Doesn't matter if the ears are less pointy. They're not of the rounded variety.

But the new girl helped Jacques to get his vision back. Can't fault her for that. I tried to go with him because I didn't want him to venture off alone with only a stranger to guide him. Unfortunately, I couldn't pull off any disguise and I look really silly with my hair pulled tight and my ears sticking out. I was disappointed too! Not jsut for Jacques because he really can take care of himself, but for me. I wanted to see more of these humans. No matter how crazy they seem.

But this sucks! I can't understand any of them! I'm sure they can't understand me any better, but at least I didn't brandish any weapons at them. And all these religious freaks! The Fist of Aesia. I imagine the look of chargrin would be hilarious if they ever realized they were worshiping the elven queen! Ha ha. But I'm not telling. I don't hold any religious beliefs myself really, but others can do what they want.

Except when they attack us because they think elves are demons. What bull. We kicked his sanctimonious butt. Left him, the fist of Aesia himself, naked and tied up. But if we ever run into him again, I'll shove his mace right up his ass.

From the journal of Arilyn

Contributor: Jess Landin