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Artemis Of The Golden Hand Of Aesia
Evangelical speaker and zealous warrior of the faith of Aesia
Artemis is one of the foremost and most outspoken preachers of the church of Aesia in northern Sellador. A man of unwaivering and blind faith, he believes that magic is at best a crutch for the weak and at worse a tool of the forces of Naresh. As such, he uses no magic at all but rather carries himself with faith-fueled rage and unmatched zeal.

A firm believer that the ends justify the means, Artemis is more than willing to use spies and even work against other members of the church if he believes his cause to be righteous and true.

During the elven wars of 2988 AA Artemis's father, a paladin of the church, fell in battle to an Elven warrior. The warrior took his blade, a sunsword, as his own and was later defeated by Islan Diemyn. When Artemis encountered Islan during his journey to Lloleyn in search of the shards the crystal tear he assumed that Islan was the elf that had killed his father and vowed holy retribution... at any price.

He faught with the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear in 3025, a combat that led to his defeat. He can ony hope that his faith will one day carry him to victory.

Alignment: CG
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Sellador
Artemis Of The Golden Hand Of Aesia is a member of the Church Of Aesia

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen