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Bad News/ Good News

We don't find time enough to write each other now days, what with fighting off the undead and the demons at every turn. It pains me that when I do write to you, it always seems to be with bad news.
The band of adventurers that we sent out to try to garner support from Selladorian Revolutionaries have returned with good news... and news that makes my blood run cold.
The Lady Sarana, long thought to be one of the most upstanding and honorable of Sellador's commanding officers, is actually Princess Sarana, soon to be Queen Sarana of Sellador. Who would have thought?
In their quest to find the artifact that could prove her claim to the thrown, the group we sent ran across another band of adventurers, also looking for an artifact (they tell me it was a different one) who gave them the bad news. Veridian, or at least the evil incartation of her that we fought almost two years ago, still roams the Elven Lands. As Veridian herself sits not five feet from me as I write this, we can only assume that the Veridian the elves spoke of has some of the shards of Naresh embeded in her soul.
As if that wasn't enough, a human traveled with the elves... a human named Jacques. The description given was the Jacques we know as well... but he didn't remember us. Or he did, just... not really.
I may soon be taking a trip, with this news in mind, to Tel-Tenauril. I haven't told Veridian yet, but Jaxom has said he would come with me.
As for your request that we send Roven back to you, I'll do better. As soon as they return from destroying the Compelling Orb (Jaxom said something about the universe and going to a different plane of existence...) which is an 'artifact of purest evil' then I'll be sending the whole group with him. Turst me, a demon hunting knight, an evlen ranger, Roven himself, a crazy old wizard, and a warrior of my stature (my old one any way...) will be more help then you could have dreamed off. They've impressed all of us with their bravery and mettle, and now it's time for them to impress you.
Veridian and Gailin send their best, as always, and I'm sure Jaxom would too if I could get him out of the library. Our paths will cross again, friend. I'm sure of it.

Your friend and loyal companion,

From the journal of Sir Aeric Of Dhoesone

Contributor: Jacob McDonald