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Ready To Give Up
Journal 17 of the Heralds Of The Dawn.
Iím in so much pain right now I can barely walk. I still donít know what to think of Hiramís death or how I should be reacting to any of my party members. Elana continually tries to comfort me, but her words are of little solace as part of me just doesnít care anymore. I feel like I did the day Horus left. Iíve never really thought about it, but in my drunken stupor in seemed to make sense. When Horus left me I searched for him, and when I couldnít find him I used Hiram to fill that hole. I was looking for a father figure the entire time. Someone to look up to. Someone to guide me. But now theyíre gone. Hiram left me too, just like Horus did. I donít even know why Iím here anymore. Iím supposed to be a king, but no one is left to believe in me. The nation Iím to rule is in ruins and Iím gods know where beneath the ground, what Iím I suppose to do. Everyone of my companions acts as if being teleported to the center of Geas is an every day occurrence. I donít think Iím ever going to leave here, being mortally wounded and all. We had to battle some sort of guardian, some big clay monster. I took serious wounds and Amelia, Varian and Dean canít seem to find a way to heal me magically. Normally Iíd just rest to heal something like this but everyday we travel I donít feel as if Iím getting better. Iím to the point right now where Iím about ready to give up.

From the journal of Aldaric Verdain

Contributor: Drew Butler