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Hoargoth And Horus
Journal 19 of the Heralds Of The Dawn.
In retrospect, I can’t see how I ever looked up to Hoargoth. After entering the Whispering Vault we were transported to an event in Alawan’s past. It was here that, surprisingly enough, we encountered Horus. Of all places to meet him it would be in Alawan’s past. It took all of my will power not to run up to him and give him a big hug, but I knew he would not recognize me as this was before I had met him. The other surprise we encountered was Elana, as an old human woman. Apparently Horus used to guard her. It doesn’t surprise me too much know his nature that he would do everything he could for such a lovely person. But still, to see them all here, some how inter mingled in the event that shattered Alawan’s life and made him into the person he is today, I can’t help but think that this is all part of some grand design. From what we can tell it was Horus who saved Alawan before as we did this time. Or was it us that saved him originally? Jerick seems to think that this is all in our minds, pulled from Alawan’s worst fear, but it’s all too real. Could we have been sent to the past to save him, did we originally save him. It’s all so confusing.

Anyways after saving Alawan we witnessed someone else’s past, an event which appeared to be someone’s childhood. Than we appeared in a hole of some sort which we discovered was a holy place near Hoargoth’s village. We managed to escape due to Varian and made it to the village. After getting there we discovered that Hoargoth’s people could not see or hear us in any way. Only Hoargoth could interact with them. Slowly, however, he began to forget that we existed, one by one, till he became lost in his own past. I can’t help but feel nothing for the man anymore. He seemed so strong, but in the end was too weak to even help his own brother. Locked into the rules which he himself made. It seems ridicules that he couldn’t break them just to try and save his brother. I now can see the error in absolute laws. Sometimes the greater good dictates that a law is unjust or that it needs to be broken. I can see how laws are necessary, but to follow them to such an extent that you can’t even try to save your own brother. That’s retarded.
Needless to say, Hoargoth is no longer with us. He remains in his own past. He’ll stay there till his village is destroyed once again. It’s a shame, he’s locked in a cycle. He’ll leave his village and travel to Selador once again only to meet us and return here. I wonder how many times he’s already repeated this experience and cannot remember.

From the journal of Aldaric Verdain

Contributor: Drew Butler