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Solitary ice sorceress of Argusund
Freya is a quiet yet charming woman who occasionally visits to towns of Argusund to resupply. She is suspected to be a witch and a keeper of her own council in all matters.

Little is known of her past by the people of Argusund. She would make frequent visits to Huld where she was under the tutilage of Herofeld, the former chief of the village and father of Bjorn Axehand, the current chief. Herofeld taught her a great many things about the world around her and her strange developing powers.

In truth Freya is much older than she seems. She was created in a religious ritual by a secret sect of worshippers of Zananna who dwell at the northern most point on Geas. Infused with the power of the chill north wind, Freya grew up amongst the cult members as their holy child, never knowing anything of the outside world of what the told her.

Eventually she chaffed at their zealous rule and fled to the south, into the lands of Argusund. There she saught the company of other people, yet was turned away due to her strange and frightening nature.

She wandered the Korstag Mountains alone for many months before a voice called to her. The voice belonged to Kalidrax, and he promised to tutor her in the ways of magic, to travel with her, and to share in knowledge and companionship.

Naturally Freya was overjoyed at this. She was magically bonded to Kalidrax as his familiar, and life seemed good for a short time. Yet, now that Kalidrax has what he wanted, a bound servant, he began to treat her differently, exerting control over her and forcing her to do things against her will, such as spy on the people of Argusund, gathering information.

Yet Freya was not without her own will. Through the bond with Kalidrax and in the process of gathering information about the people of Argusund she was able to discern that Lanathar, once the royal high wiard of the throne of Tel-Tenauril, was working to subtle ways to undermine the progress and survival of the people of Argusund. Even though they had turned her away, Freya still cared for the people of Argusund and vowed to aid them in whatever whay she could. Unfortunatly she was limited in her options, as Kalidrax still held magical dominion over her.

In the spring of 3025 AA Kalidrax, backed by armies of Rogue Frost Giant tribes, Hill Giants, Bugbears, and Winter Wolves, made a military strike against Agusund as part of a ploy to lure his ancient enemy, Magmar, into the open. The plan succeeded, though not as Kalidrax would have liked.

The Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear arived and confused his efforts, giving Freya the courage to turn against Kalidrax and ultimately aid in his defeat.

Now Freya, who was granted a subtle amnesty by Anwar, lives with the people of Huld, teaching them the secrets she learned while under Kalidrax's control and hoping that someday she can undo the harm that in her confusion she allowed to come to pass to her chosen people, the people of Argusund.

Alignment: CG
Race: Ice Para-Genasi
Associated Regions: Argusund

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen