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A Walk Down the Mountainside

We found ourselves in strange surroundings after retrieving the crystal from the mad old wizard. A mountaintop is a most unforgiving and hostile place, it seems. While I must confess to feeling a bit...muddled, for lack of a better word, ever since we hit the Isle Of Ruin, I had mostly ignored the effects, as we were engrossed in our quest. Now, however, with only survival on our minds, my distraction was brought to the fore, which was only exacerbated by our new locale. Indeed, it seems to have impaired every facet of my being. I am sure, that climbing down that mountain, that I was only a hindrance to my companions.

Not even the fire that destroyed our campsite, along with the surrounding forest, roused me from my clouded mind, though I am honestly surprised that I said nothing to our newest companion, met at our campsite and a ranger by appearances, that did not end with one or more of us dead. The fire, though, caught us all unawares, and we were forced to dash through the burning trees pell-mell, in our search for safety. It was only by the sheerest of luck that we happened upon an animal burrow large enough to accommodate all of us, else we would surely have made wonderful roast dinner for the scavengers.

I was somewhat galvanized, though, by the sight of a dead white dragon in a clearing of the blasted woods. I think we all knew that whatever could kill one of those powerful creatures was not something we wanted to meet, so we resumed our journey down the mountainside, to the nearest town and the comfort of a bed and a warm fire. We were soon to meet that very thing, however.

It was a beast of which I have no memory of studying, but it was a fearsome thing, indeed. Its body seemed to be aflame from the inside, and actually seemed to nourish it. In my disgustingly weakened state, I could do little, it seemed, to aid in the battle against it. Indeed, it was mostly through the efforts of the esteemed Dolartu and Arangil that we vanquished the thing; their magics saved the day. I can only hope that the rest of our trip to the nearest town will be more uneventful than this, and I look forward to nothing more than some rest, and perhaps the ministrations of some friendly healer to salve our wounds, and clear my befuddled head.

Associated Regions: Korstag Mountains
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz