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Roen Of Ethrendor
High Priest of Ethrendor and Regent of Tel-Tenauril
Roen is the high cleric of Ethrendor, the elven god of time. He was advisor to the throne for the rule of Aradhrath in hs later years and during the entirity of the short rule of Dalenurell. He is a calm man, quiet, inquisitive, and patient; qualities he feels are sadly lacking in the human race.

He travelled with Dalenurell during his sojurn into Boddendell in search of one of the ancient dragons. It was there that he met with the Heralds Of The Dawn, the heroes who challenged and defeated Naresh at Caer Airbhe-Fál. He and the young king were present there to witness his defeat, their own powers dwarfed by those of the fate-empowered heroes.

Roen wandered the lands afterward in shock, his mind struggling to understand and piece together what he had just witnessed. Eventually he made his way back to the ruins of Thanandir and settled down, assuming the role of the head priest of Ethrendor at Thanindiel, the town that arose in the shadow of the crater that was Thanandir.

With the return of Thanandir Roen has found a new purpose in life. The elven lands need a leader untill the true ruler of Tel-Tenauril can be found. Revealing himself as the long lost high priest and former advisor to the throne, Roen has taken the role of regent of Tel-Tenauril unto himself and will lead his people in their recovery from the darkness of the recent times.

Unfortunately Roen was killed in 3025 AA when he refused to ally himself with his old colleague Lanathar and his new master, Aram.

Alignment: LG
Race: Elf
Associated Regions: Thanindiel, Tel-Tenauril
Roen Of Ethrendor is a member of the Church Of Ethrendor

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen