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Orbs Of Tel-Tari
Conduits of power to an ancient source

During the height of Queen Aesia's reign over Tel-Tenauril three artifacts of great power were crafted to aid in her rule. These artifacts, three clear crystal orbs, allowed Aesia to share her powers with her appointed agents, granting them the ability to use some of her power as direct representatives of her will and her rule. The name of the orbs, the Tel-Tari, mean "of/for/from the queen" in the Common tongue.

In -193 A.A. one of the orbs was stolen by Nol'Quar, a powerful human necromancer. He was pursued by the queen's agents and a group of knights. One by one Nol'Quar eliminated the knights and the aide untill only one, a young human named Calahir, was left. Calahir pursued Nol'Quar into the blasted wastes of Kharse and was there trapped by a spell of Temporal Stasis.

Nol'Quar, who would later be known as Nolugar the Reaver, took the orb and began to work dark magics upon it, hoping to pervert its power. It took him a great deal of time, but eventually he was able to transform the orb into the artifact known as the Compelling Orb.

The locations of the remaining two orbs have been lost to the ages.

Orbs Of Tel-Tari originates from Tel-Tenauril

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen