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Bloodspike Demonfriend
Intelligent dagger of sinister motive

Bloodspike was created by Duke Trevahn Lestreng as a weapon he could use to suck the life from his enimies. Unfourtunetly, in the process of creating it, he accidently bound a demon to it, giving it an intelligence of it's own.
The dagger was taken from his cold, dead hands by Astrid, one of the hero's responsible for clearing the demons out of Lesteng's keep. It took her mind and used her to sew chaos every where she went until it was discovered by the adventurers known as the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, and summarily destroyed.

Bloodspike Demonfriend has the following properties:
-Dagger +2
-Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 16, Ego 20
-Alignment: Chaotic Evil
-Languages Known: Common, Infernal, Giant, Orc, Goblinoid
Bloodspike comunicates using telepathy
-Vampiric: Any damage delt with Bloodspike is healed by the user.
-Powers: Bestows 10 ranks of Intimidate and 10 ranks of Spellcraft upon it's wielder. Can use Hold Person, as the spell cast by a 9th level caster, 3/day.
-Special Purpose: Cause Chaos
-Special Purpose Power: Mass Inflict Light Wounds; 1d8+9 damage in a 45' radius, up to nine targets.

Alignment: CE
Bloodspike Demonfriend was created by Jacob McDonald

Contributor: Jacob McDonald