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Holy sword passed from hero to villan throughout the ages.
Lightbringer is a Sunsword, a weapon bestowed only upon the most valiant of the paladins of the Knights of the Holy Light of Aesia.

it was taken by an elf from a slain human opponent during the war between Sellador and Tel-Tenauril in 2988 A.A. and later claimed by Islan, a hero of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear.

The human slain during the war was the father of Artemis, a preacher and holy warrior of the Church of Aesia of Sellador. During a chance encounter with Islan in 3025 A.A. he recognized the weapon for what it was and assumed that Islan had taken the weapon from his father and was therefore also the slayer of his father.

Lightbringer is a Sunsword (found in the Dungeon Master's Guide) with the added property that it does good aligned damage to evil creatures for the purposes of damage reduction.

Lightbringer originates from Tel-Tenauril, Sellador
Lightbringer was created by Shawn Nicolen

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen