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Clerical Domains For D&D 3rd Edition
A Reference List D&D 3rd Edition Cleric Domains
Below is a list of clerical domains available on Geas. Domains are listed along with their published point of reference.

AirPlayers Handbook
AnimalPlayers Handbook
ArtificeDeities and Demigods
BeastmasterDefenders of the Faith
CavernForgotten Realms
CelerityDefenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
ChaosPlayers Handbook
CharmForgotten Realms, Deities and Demigods
ColdComplete Divine
CommunityDefenders of the Faith, Deities and Demigods, Complete Divine
CompetitionComplete Divine
CourageComplete Warrior
CraftForgotten Realms
CreationDefenders of the Faith, Deities and Demigods, Complete Divine
DarknessForgotten Realms, Deities and Demigods
DeathPlayers Handbook
DestructionPlayers Handbook
DivinationDefenders of the Faith
DominationDefenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
DreamComplete Divine
DrowForgotten Realms
DwarfForgotten Realms
EarthPlayers Handbook
ElfForgotten Realms
EvilPlayers Handbook
ExorcismDefenders of the Faith
FamilyForgotten Realms
FateForgotten Realms, Complete Warrior
FirePlayers Handbook
ForceComplete Divine
GloryDefenders of the Faith, Deities and Demigods, Complete Divine
GnomeForgotten Realms
GoodPlayers Handbook
HalflingForgotten Realms
HatredForgotten Realms
HealingPlayers Handbook
IllusionForgotten Realms
InquisitionDefenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
KnowledgePlayers Handbook
LawPlayers Handbook
LiberationDeities and Demigods, Complete Divine
LuckPlayers Handbook
MadnessDefenders of the Faith, Deities and Demigods, Complete Divine
MagicPlayers Handbook
MentalismForgotten Realms
MetalForgotten Realms
MindDefenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
MoonForgotten Realms
MysticismDefenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
NobilityForgotten Realms, Deities and Demigods, Complete Warrior
OceanForgotten Realms
OracleComplete Divine
OrcForgotten Realms
PactComplete Divine
PestilenceDefenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
PlanningForgotten Realms, Complete Warrior
PlantPlayers Handbook
PortalForgotten Realms
ProtectionPlayers Handbook
PurificationComplete Divine
RenewalForgotten Realms
ReposeDeities and Demigods
RetributionForgotten Realms
RuneForgotten Realms, Deities and Demigods
ScalykindForgotten Realms, Deities and Demigods
SlimeForgotten Realms
SpellForgotten Realms
SpiderForgotten Realms
StormForgotten Realms
StrengthPlayers Handbook
SufferingForgotten Realms, Savage Species
Summoning (Summoner)Defenders of the Faith, Complete Divine
SunPlayers Handbook
TimeForgotten Realms
TradeForgotten Realms
TravelPlayers Handbook
TrickeryPlayers Handbook
TyrannyForgotten Realms, Complete Warrior
UndeathForgotten Realms
WarPlayers Handbook
WaterPlayers Handbook
WeatherDeities and Demigods, Complete Divine

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen