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Creation Of Geas
So it came to pass that the universe grew to be aware of itself, its consciousness spawned from the very fabric of its own being. This new singular consciousness, called by the ancients the Ourgos, was neither male nor female, good nor evil, dark nor light, for such things had yet to come into being.

The Ourgos waited in contemplation of itself for a length beyond understanding, for in the beginning it lacked even language with which to describe itself. As the Ourgos thought, it began to reflect upon itself and dream. In this dream the Ourgos saw many things that might be, of shapes and matter.

And thus, upon awaking, the Ourgos shaped parts of its unified will into the likeness of those things of which it had dreamed. Thought the labor of this was great, and Ourgos soon returned to sleeping. So were made the first fire,
water, air and earth, and these, being made from and infused with a portion of divine will, became the first Aeons, those beings that are today known as the gods. These Aeons were first-made and are thus called the Aeonae Primus,
the first gods.

This first Aeons, being dissimilar in composition, immediately took to conflict, and each, having the creative urges of their parent, sought to shape the universe about them into their own likeness. So it came to be that from this first war amongst the four gods and the influenced dreaming of Ourgos were born the Aeons of order and chaos. The four were now tempered by the two, for the younger Aeons sought balance, for one could not exist without the other to define it. The four saw the wisdom in this, and so was peace born. The two Aeons born from this will and time are thus called the Aeonae Secundus, the second gods. The six together are known as the Aeonea Eldra, the Elder gods.

The Ourgos returned from its rest and beheld what the six had wrought and was both surprised and pleased. The Aeons had made works beyond the first imaginings of the Ourgos. In their harmony the four and the two had made a great world of boundless potential and imagining. The Ourgos descended to the world and found many things which inspired its mind. At each place of inspiration was a new Aeon born, for the Ourgos sought experience this new world from many perspectives. So were made many new Aeons, and so the Ourgos slept, to once again dream those things which the Aeons would do. These Aeons were the Aeonae Tertius, the third children of Ourgos. These gods are also known as the Aeonae Anteanus, and ancient gods, for their children are the deities of our world of mortals. Few of the ancient gods yet live today, having changed shapes and holdings over the countless eons of time from the moment of their creation.

The gods who were made after and from the Aeonae Tertius are the Aeonae Modus, the modern gods. These third-made gods concern themselves with those things that have come as a result of what had existed before them, such as light and darkness, fear and courage, and good and evil, which were born in the days of the Aeonae Eldra and even the days of the Tertius. These concepts they took as their own. Though these are immaterial they were yet the concern of the Aeonae Modus, who are driven by the dream of the Ourgos.

They are no less a part of the will of the Ourgos, but they were not made by the Ourgos; they were made of the Ourgos, and are hence still a part of its experience. This teaches us that all beings spring ultimately from the Ourgos, for it is both the source of all existence and existence itself.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen