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The Final Prophecies Of Zelun
The following is recorded as the last writings of the prophet Zelun, who could forsee what was to come.

On the Ending of the World

The nature of the sight lends its
seed to a time yet to come.
When destiny has betrayed itself.
When moments pass that should never
have come to pass.
When the best intention marks the path
to destruction.

From the word of a scribe will be borne
bloodshed, and truth shall be trodden
in pursuit of faith.

A Holy Knight, master of arm and noble in spirit.
His eyes shall see great war,
and his line will bear the burden of
a kingdom.

Murder and blood flow from the shadow.
The line will fall, betrayed by children of
the ascension. Salledur's people will stand
united, but at a great cost.

Yet, even as one, the greatest darkness will again
make its presence felt. The Demon Sun, the Dark Star.
Devourer of Light, Maker of Strife. He rides upon the road
of the heavens, and before him will come a great storm.
The sky will rain fire, and the world will weep
with the blood of its children.

From the north will come a great scourge, the
whispers of ancient belief.
The lords of myth and
fable will emerge once again to wage strife upon
the peoples of Salledur.

From the east, from within the mist, a great darkness
will consume the world. The seeds of an unborn evil
will seek to unite the words of power.

From the south, upon wings of faith,
the last hope will dawn. A wyrm's promise
carries them upon the wind.

From the heart of flame, with nature's fury they will
ride against Salledur. Reluctant of blood and infused with
spirit, they will seek promised thrones.

And yet, still the long night lies ahead.
An ill wind will blow,
the sons and daughters of geas
shall become one with the darkness,
and light shall be their enemy.

All light is tainted,
all hope is lost.
So is at last Accounted,
the tale of the end of all things.
Now I go to meet my fate,
As all men must do.
to the fires of the inquisition I take my
devotion to she who is our light, and
who has shown me the light of Truth.

19 Teros 2225 AA

After writing this, Zelun went on to meet his demise. He gave himself over to the church of Aesia and was burned at the stake as a demonist and heretic.

It is generally agreed that the words of this prophecy have come to pass and fortold the adventures of the group of heroes who have come to be called the Heralds Of The Dawn. The prophecy speaks of the return of the king of Gideon, the use of the Tablets of Mallant, and their epic struggle against Naresh the Destroyer.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen