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Of The Lineage Of The Ruling House Of Tel-Tenauril
It is said that the rulers of Tel-Tenauril were descendant of Illiendhianna, the warrior-woman who had led her people to victory over an ancient evil and made claim to the rulership of the Tel-Quessir.

Of the line of Illiendhianna there are few, as is the way of the elves. Yet, each placed their mark upon time with deeds of courage, will, and wisdom. Their names are Modurath, Avinest, Dhiannethilas, Turaeloeth, Aesia, and Dalenurell.

Of the heirs of Illiendhianna was born Aesia, the child of light. She was strong and fair, a lover of light and magic. Hers was the way of the forests and mountains, of the skies and the marsh. In Aesia was seen the love of the elves for the spirit of Geas and their oneness with it.

Unto the elves of the Mirthule was born Aradrath and Jemerall, brothers in blood but seperate in dream. Jemerall was forstborn, and received the greater gift of his mothers gentile spirit. Aradrath was secondborn and opposite of his brother in that he thirsted for conflict and ways to test himself. Where Jemerall was quiet and cold like water, Aradrath was full of fire and ambition.

Aesia took notice of Aradhrath, who had risen to captian of the guards, and took him as consort.

Of their union was born Dalenurell, full of fire as his father and driven to protect the light which his mother held so dear.

In the time of the first darkness it is known that many perished. Aesia, giving her spirit and power to union with that of Geas, was able to drive away the darkness and save her people as Illiendhianna had in times before her. Aesia gave her life for this, and though all were grateful, the elven people were filled with sorrow. With a hard task ahead of them, the Tel-Quessir turned to Aradhrath, consort of Aesia, and proclaimed him king. Though he was not of the line of Illiendhianna, the offspring of Aesia and Aradhrath, Dalenurell, was still but a child and unable to be king.

Aradhrath was filled with grief over the death of his beloved. An elf so taken with grief, for the elves feel sorrow and joy in greather measures than men or dwarves, falls into torpor of the spirit. Yet, Aradhrath guided his people well, though his heart was filled with imense sorrow. He drew distant from his son, for Dalenurell reminded him of his departed love. Upon seeing Dalenurell he was filled with love for his son, yet always there was the sorrow of his loss. The elves, being immortal, are long in forgetting the wounds of the past, and so his son's presence wounded his heart.

So it was that Dalenurell became captian of the Watch Wardens, and was given the task of guarding the southern borders against the evils of Sellador, the nation of men to the south of Tel-Tenauril.

His feeling of resentment for his father, who turned from him whenever he was near, filled his heart.

When Aradhrath was murdered by a human assasin, it was therefore easy for Dalenurell to turn his anger towards the Selladorans.

So began the Kingswar.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen