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Dark Oak Druidic Order

The Dark Oak druidic order is a quiet organization deep in the woods of Selador, a group that dedicatedly follows Aesia, and the more natural aspects of her. The members of this order revel in the solitude and natural embrace of the deep wood.

Most members of the order are orphans, taken in by the elders of the order to be raised in the ways of the order. The ways of the order are to be trained in the arts of combat, a special form of combat using the fists, only weapons provided by nature. These combined with the love and knowledge of nature makes the members of this order destined to be the protectors of nature life and justice. The order focuses on meditation and knowing ones center. To be truly able to protect nature one must have balance within, and be skilled in the ways of the world.

The natural portions of study within the order come from many many hours of exhausting meditation in the fold of the wilderness and close study of life in the wood. Nature, the very world surrounding the members of the dark oak order provides them with strengths beyond compare, and mysticism and magic to see them through the hardest of times.

Life within the order is that of a close knit family each taking care of those around them while being taken care of at the same time. As a family those who are part of the order share many bonds, and as any great family the loyalty of this order is undying.

It was not uncommon for the elves to place half-elven children among the human lands to aide in veiling human eyes from the truth, and the Order has raised such individuals in the past in order to protect the humans from themselves. These half elven children find their only true acceptance in this order anywhere else they would lead a life of rejection and confusion but within this family all are seen equally. The half elves are occasionally called upon by the elven kingdom to remove a bit of knowledge, or magic from the libraries of Selador.

When the Elven war began this order was attacked by the church as a dangerous and heretical order many were wiped out and they were temporarily scattered. Many of the remaining members of the order were reunited under Hiram the Elder of the order in the resistance against the church and as any good father Hiram led them in his most capable way and cared for them still.

In the year of the Goddess 2988 on the 5th day of Satur Hiram was killed in a cave far from the ruins of his beloved grove by an unnatural best called an Illithid, though his family will mourn him greatly and never forget him. As any other strong family the Dark Oak Order will survive, but with wounds they will not soon forget.

Prerequisite: At least 5 years of training under the tutelage of the Dark Oak druids.
Benefit: Monks who are members of the Dark Oak order are allowed, if they meet the alignment prerequisite, to multi class freely as a druid.

Members of the Dark Oak Druidic Order have included Hiram The Elder

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen