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This spell belongs to the necromancy school of magic. Decaying Touch
Speeds along the process of decay.
Level: Drd 1, Sor/Wiz 1
Components: V, S, DF
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: Touch
Target: Dead or undead coporeal creature touched
Duration: One Day or Instant (See Text)
Saving Throw: Fortitiude Half (See Text)
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell speeds along the process of decay. When applied to the body of a dead creature, its body begins to decay at an accelerated rate untill there is nothing left but dust and basic organic matter. This process takes approximately 24 hours to complete.

The maximum size of the dead body the caster can effect depends on his level.

Level 1: Up to Small, Up to 60 lbs.
Level 3: Medium, 61-500 lbs.
Level 6: Large, 501-4,000 lbs.
Level 9: Huge, 4,001-32,000 lbs.
Level 12: Gargantuan, 32,001-250,000 lbs.
Level 15: Colossal, 250,001 + lbs.

Undead created from corpses under the effect of this spell are weakened. For instance, if an undead creature was created from the decaying corpse 12 hours into the decay process, that undead would only have 50% of the hit points, saving throw bonuses due to level, and armor class bonuses due to natural armor of an undead of its type. Animating a corpse effectively halts any continued decay caused by this spell.

If this spell is used against an undead creature it deals 1d6 / 2 levels (max of 5d6) pf physical damage to that undead creature. The creature is allowed a fortitude save for half damage. The damage caused by this spell is not subject to damage reduction.

Note that the size of the undead creature this spell is used to inflict damage against is not a factor when determining the effects of this spell. For instance, a third level druid could use this spell to inflict 2d6 damage to a large skeleton. Note that this spell cannot be used to cause the eventual decay of the undead, it simply deals raw physical damage to them as their bodies are suddenly partially decayed.

v 1.02 - August 15, 2002

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen