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Blood Of Zanath [General]
Somewhere in your ancestry was a member of the Zanathae race.
Prerequisites: Human, Half-Elf, or Half-Orc

Somewhere in your family's past they recieved the blessing of Zanath or were a member of the Zanathae subrace. As a result you gain several special abilities.

You can use magic and psionic items designed specifically for the Zanathae, the psionic offshoot of the human race.

Though unable to reply, you can hear the telepathic conversations which take place between the Zanathae.

You are considered psionically aware and cannot use a nonpsionic buffer to resist psionic attacks, though you can aquire psionic feats.

Additionally, you gain a pool of psionic power points equal to your charisma modifier. These stack with and replenish as per normal psionic power points and can be used to satisfy the prerequisites for psionic feats and prestige classes which require a certian number of total power points to attain.

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen