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Zelun The Mad
Tortured prophet and blasphemous heretic.
(Pronounced Zell-Loon)

Zelun lived from 2182 AA to 2225 AA.

Zelun was born in the southern part Sellador, the land that would one day become Gideon. He was the only heir to a noble house who displayed promising potential.As Zelun began to pass from childhood to adulthood, he began to have visions.Zelun was haunted by dreams of events yet to come, strange images of people and places which he could not entirely comprehend. His insane rantings quickly earned him a place of pity for the people under his care.Nevertheless, Zelun began to attract followers. People who believed in his blasphemous prophesies. The church drove Zelun from his family holdings, yet he was sustained, in secret, but the sect that had arisen around him.Zelun wrote each of his prophesies into vast volumes, and as the seasons wore on his visions gained validity as they began to come true.

The church, freightened by his strange powers, further comdemned his actions and began a secret campaign to seek him out and end his life.

Evenaually, the church found him out. He was burned at the stake as a warlock and as one who consorts with demons and the dark one.Yet, the cult of Zelun continued. It exists even to this day as the Order Of Zelun, though its membership has waned from hundreds to only a few dozen at most.

The cult has begun to worry, as they are running out of prophesy. They fear that the end of all that is draws near, and if their faith in Zeluns visions holds true, there is little they can do to stop it.

Race: human
Associated Regions: Sellador
Zelun The Mad is a member of the Cult Of Zelun

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen