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Hammer Of Khrunos-Dur
Magical smithing hammer of legend.
The Hammer of Khronus-Dur was used by the master smiths of the formerly lost outpost of Khronus-Dur. It is highly regarded by the dwarven peoples and its discovery, and return, went a long way to building friendship between Citadel and the human nation of Gideon.

The Hammer of Khronus-Dur is a forge hammer thrice skilled. It grants the user a +10 insight bonus to Craft (Weaponsmithing), Craft (Armorsmithing), and Profession (Blacksmith) checks.

Hammer Of Khrunos-Dur originates from Khronus-Dur
Hammer Of Khrunos-Dur was created by Shawn Nicolen

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen