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The Hall Of Thurdohrin, A Fragment
Of the records of the dwarven historian Garadim few survived the great earthquake and devastation of 2988 A.A. What follows is on of those records, detailing the creation of one of the greatest, and most saught after, lost teasures of the dwarven nations.

The Great Hall of Thurdohrin

Within the great hall of Citadel there is a work of that is beyond compare in the history of the dwarven realms. It is told that in an age long past a great but boastful young king of the Dwarves who saught above all else power and prestige for himself. Sitting deep within his mountain fortress, surrounded by riches untold, he was nonetheless restless. Pride burned in his heart's forge, and from that flame was wrought a plan. If the immortal elves, considered by his kin to be the greatest of the surface dwelling races of Geas, could be awed and humbled by some work of mortal dwarven make, he would have his victory. Thus he saught the greatest of artists and bade them come to his keep beneath the mountain in Citadel. To each he offered a great gift, hoping to inspire them to their highest achievement.

Each wrought great works of smithing, gemcutting, and sculpture, yet of these the greatest work of all was the mural of the Hall of Thurdohrin. Though it was the greatest of these works, the origins of the hall are best told last.

At first the great king called upon Delhedhur, the king's own smith master. Both a great warrior and craftsman, Delhedur was already renown throughout all the kingdoms of Geas for his skill in forging weapons and armor. It was said that he was favored of the Artificer himself. If any art would humble the elves, the King reasoned, it would be that of his royal smith.

Delhedur was not a greedy man, but for all his skill with hammer and forge and for all his brave deeds as the kings swordsman he was landless and common-born. So it was that the king promised to give him the lands beyond and beneath the Glittering Way, a cave wherein a rich vein of mithral was discovered only a few years past. If Delhedur's craft served the kings need, this would then be his.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen