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... and we rode into war on the 27th day of Satur in the year 3012
Again, I feel these people are plagued with misfortune. We left Huld en-route for war. We had received word that a town to the North was being attacked by a very unusual army, made up of giants and bugbears.

We joined ranks with the Huld calvalry and made haste for the north. That day we entered battle. It was not long before we were able to see that the captains of the enemy were winter wolves. Even with my experiences with Tala, it still took me aback to see wolves ordering giants and bugbears about.

We defeated many enemies, but it was abundantly clear that the Huld army was outmatched. We looked about us and viewed the devestated troops. Bodies of men and wolves, giants and bugbears. But the men hadn't even a chance. Bjorn ordered them to fall back to Huld to fortify. I tried to persuade him into withdrawing the people, moving them to a safer location. In his youthful foolishness he is determined to defend the town till the bitter end, but failure is inevitable.

At present we have decided to go in search of an elf by the name of Lanathar. It is supposed that he has with him a legion (or not) of soldiers that retreated from Virnskeggi to the mountains. While I do not agree with recruiting these men to join a losing battle I do believe they will be in need of healing.

On another note- The presence of Arilyn is bringing ghosts of the past to the surface of my memory... I wonder where she is?

From the journal of Altaire

Contributor: Sandra Cousino