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Genesis Crystal
The crystal of creation
The Genesis Crystal is said to have been created in a moment of ultimate suffering, when the nature goddess L'Antwene was driven mad with grief and attempted to destroy the world. All of creation became unbalanced as Naresh, the god of ultimate destruction, was born from this terrible event, known henceforth as the Sundering. This act of ultimate destruction is said to have cause the Ourgos, the very will of existence itself, to shed a single tear.

That tear would be called the Genesis Crystal, for so imbued with the powers of existence was it that any being who held it and could comprehend its power and place in the universe would have the ability to reshape the world as they saw fit.

The crystal was kept in safekeeping for countless ages by the faerie lords, Oberon and Titania, until a timeat which it was to be needed. Such a time arose in a dark alternate future known as the Naresh Apocalypse. In this potential universe, Naresh the destroyer has risen to power and nearly all of Geas had been destroyed. A group of time-lost heroes, the Heralds Of The Dawn, were charged with the quest to retrieve the Genesis Crystal and put an end to Naresh. The heroes returned to their proper age and used the crystal to put an end to Naresh before he could finally return.

At the end of this battle the mortal Jerick, who drove the crystal like a knife into the heart of Naresh, ascneded to become a deity as Naresh was destroyed.

Or so it was thought.

For how can one destroy that which is itself destruction? Naresh was reborn as Threnody. In an effort to keep safe the crystal, Jerick split it into six pieces and hid those pieces throughout Geas.

It was only a few decades before Aram, the mad angel, made a bid for ultimate power. Being a creature of immense knowledge, Aram began the task of reassembling the crystal to reshape the universe in his own twisted vision. In his quest he recruited Threnody, a self-loathing being caught somewhere between compassionate mortal and destruction-thirsty god, with a promise of mercy through final and ultimate dissolution.

Ultimately, a group of adventurers--the Fellowship of the Crystal Tear--along with a rebellious Threnody, were able to defeat Aram and reclaim all six parts of the Genesis Crystal. In its reconstruction, Threnody once again ascended into godhood, though now as a goddess of endings rather than a god of blind destruction. The crystal itself merged with her and was ultimately neutralized as the powers of creation and destruction once again achieved balance.

Powers of the Genesis Crystal
Those who touch the crystal, even those who do not understand its true nature, are imbued with a portion of the power of creation, and gain a new power as a spell-like ability. A new ability is only imparted upon touching the crystal for the first time. When using their power, their eyes glow with a bright golden radiance. To determine the power gained, roll percentile dice and refer to the chart below.

Abilities gained from the crystal count as spell-like abilities with a caster level of the subject's character level. The DC of the spell, if any, is 10 + the subject's Charisma modifier + the level of the spell. The effective caster level of the power granted by the crystal is equal to the total level of the character.

Monsters summoned using an abililty granted by the crystal are not actually summoned from another place, but are created by the caster using her gift. Other than this minor difference, the creatures behave in all respects as though summoned using the spell listed.

Table: Powers Granted by the Genesis Crystal

d% RollAbility Granted
01Roll twice more and gain two powers
02-03Create Water 3/day
04-06Minor Image 3/day
07-09Cure Minor Wounds 3/day
10-11Cure Light Wounds 1/day
12-13Guidance 3/day
14-15Bear's Endurance 1/day
16-17Bull's Strength 1/day
18-19Cat's Grace 1/day
20-21Fox's Cunning 1/day
22-23Eagle's Splendor 1/day
24-25Owl's Wisdom 1/day
26Body of the Sun 1/day
27Summon Nature's Ally I 1/day
28-29Summon Nature's Ally II 1/day
30-31Summon Nature's Ally III 1/day
32Summon Nature's Ally IV 1/day
33Nature's Favor 1/day
34Daylight 1/day
35Last Breath 1/week
36-37Prayer 1/day
38-39Bless 1/day
40-41Aid 1/day
42Cure Moderate Wounds 1/day
43Regenerate Light Wounds 1/day
44-45Minor Creation 1/day
46-47Major Creation 1/day
48-49Create Food and Water 1/day
50-51Summon Monster I 1/day
52-53Summon Monster II 1/day
54-55Summon Monster III 1/day
56-57Summon Monster IV 1/day
58-59Summon Nature's Ally V 1/week
60-61Summon Nature's Ally VI 1/week
62-63Summon Monster V 1/week
64-65Summon Monster VI 1/week
66-67Cure Critical Wounds 1/week
68-69Regenerate Ring 1/week
70Cure Serious Wounds 1/week
71Regenerate Moderate Wounds 1/day
72-73Leser Restoration 1/week
74Make Whole 1/week
75Regenerate Circle 1/week
76-77Divine Power 1/week
78Healing Circle 1/week
79Regenerate Serious Wounds 1/week
80Righteous Might 1/week
81Tenser's Transformation 1/week
82Animate Objects 1/week
83Summon Monster VII 1/month
84Heal 1/month
85Mass Heal 1/month
86Raise Dead1/month
87True Creation 1/month
88Summon Nature's Ally VII 1/month
89Regenerate 1/6 months
90Resurrection 1/6 months
91Summon Nature's Ally VIII 1/6 months
92Summon Nature's Ally IX 1/6 months
93Summon Monster VIII 1/6 months
94Summon Monster IX 1/6 months
95True Reincarnate 1/year
96True Resurrection 1/year
97True Seeing, as a permanent ability
98Miracle, thrice
99Wish, thrice
100Genesis, once

To those who comprehend some of the true structure of the universe, however, the Genesis Crystal can grant power beyond imagination.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen