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Dark Avatar Rising
The sun set on the small boy's shining face. Wisps of blonde hair were caught by errant drifts of wind. He knew he must get home soon or it would be the chamber for him. Not that he hated the chamber so much, as being locked in a chest half filled with water allowed him to gather his thoughts. But he wanted to study.

The book he had gotten from his grandmother was amazing. It showed him how to make lights appear. It showed him how to see a world that didnít exist to others. With a little tinkering, he would be able to show his older brother Barak why he should stop beating him up. In time, they would all learn that lesson.

He picked the butterfly wings off of his pantaloons, and washed the bird blood off of his face, in the stream that bubbled past him. Hurrying off, thoughts of power and revenge filled his mind...

From the childhood of Blake Ashton

From the journal of Blake Nergal Ashton

Contributor: Brandon Alexander