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Bio Of Blake
Blake Ashton

5'0" 93 lbs.


Eyes: green

Hair: black

Skin: bright white

Race: elf

Son of wealthy merchants with a dark secret, Blake grew up practicing the black arts. The only positive influence on his life was his grandmother: a priestess of Aesia. His mother was a dark druidess of the ninth circle. His father was an infernal sorcerer of the fifteenth circle.

He has 3 brothers: Barak-12th level fighter, barklan-8th level cleric of naresh/8th level dark druid, and byron-17th level wizard.

He left his home to find his grandmother amidst the ruins of a destroyed city. He found instead a lake where the city once was. He also ran into Jerick and the party of adventurers who follow him around. They were also looking for his grandmother.

The rest, as they say, is history (consult the journal of Jerick for further details)

From the journal of Blake Nergal Ashton

Contributor: Brandon Alexander