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Two Years Alone
After the destruction of Lloleyn Dean was alone with his grief. Everything he knew was gone. His Friends, his mentor, his school, and he hoped against hope that his brother was not, but deep inside he knew that his twin was gone. He knew that there was nothing to do but go on living and keep to his vow that he had made, but how could he accomplish this the only place he had been out side of Lloleyn, beside Braes, was Nuary Port. Thus, Dean decided to travel north with Danyelle.

When he reached Nuary Port Dean and Danyelle parted ways Danyelle decided to start getting money to purchase a tavern and Dean headed to the mage guild he had been to so many years before. When he got there was a two-week waiting list, but Dean having nothing but time waited and was then allowed to enter. When Dean was allowed to enter he was not allowed to join the guild because of his lack of the entrance fee, but was allowed courtesy access to the guild library because of the fact that his own guild had been destroyed. Dean took only the spells that he had formerly owned and looked for information about the tablet he had found in the temple. Dean also asked the Headmaster about his family to which he found nothing on. So Dean decided to wander Selador.

For the remaining time Dean wandered alone going from library to library seeking information on the tablet and his family. In the one and a half years Dean wandered he gleaned no information on either subject. Then an idea struck him “perhaps the wand has something to do with figuring out what the tablet was. So Dean traveled back to Nuary Port to find Danyelle. When he arrived he found that Danyelle had done quite good for himself he had bought a Tavern. Dean had heard the boastful stories of Danyelle in seeking out his place called the “Squealing Wench”.

When Dean arrived he saw the Wand hanging on a plaque above the bar. After an attempt at asking Danyelle to examine the wand, which was refused, Dean decided to take matters in his own hands and just take it down. A mistake on Deans part a bar brawl ensued in which Danyelle jumped at Dean while Dean cast a spell to put him to sleep, which instead of putting him to sleep put some of the patrons down.

Danyelle knocked Dean off of the bar even though Dean had grabbed the wand. That was when Dean noticed a man in white start to cast a spell. Dean grabbed a drink from off the table and tossed it directly in the man’s face disrupting the spell. Finally the guards entered and forced Dean to give the wand back and Dean had to spend the night in jail for disrupting the peace. The jail was horrible a little cell with nothing to eat that night but stale bread and water. Dean never wanted to return to jail.

From the journal of Dean Selvarlas

Contributor: Andy Minegar