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The Forbidden Lands
The next morning Dean was let out of jail. He decided to go back to “The Squealing Wench” to see if he could talk Danyelle into letting him examine the wand that he had gotten from the kobold in robes. In Dean’s travels he had read the inscription on the back of the tablet and had marked it with his personal magic mark, the inscription said that the children of the dark sun will rise to form a great army. Dean thought of this as he walked trough the streets perhaps this wand of Evocations that’s use was a crime would shed some light on this tablet. Dean reached the bar early that morning and as he stepped in the door, there was Jerick who turned to look at Dean. Jerick informed him that he had been encountered a man that was searching for a piece of a tablet and when Jerick informed him that he didn’t have the tablet that he had been attacked by skeletal figures. He then told them that he wanted to take the tablet to his Elder at the monastery and Dean argued that the tablet should be shown to the head of the mages guild. In the end Jerick won out and the trio and a new man by the name of Blake traveled to Caer Duhl-Darah. As they traveled they pasted the place-which-is-no-more in which Blake made a comment about all of the people that died in Lloleyn, which to Dean was something that was not discussed, and mentioned that his grandmother had died their also.

The group reached the monastery and Dean insisted on going in to talk with Jerick’s Elder himself but Jerick reassured him that nothing would become of the tablet would he hand it over for his protection, and so Dean did. After a while Jerick came out with an older gentleman and a young lady who started to ask Dean questions pertaining to the tablet, and Dean informed them of what he knew and was made privy to the information that the Elder knew. Dean then said that he wished to show the tablet to the head of his order and the young woman spoke up, saying that Aranor was still alive far to the north. For the first time, since the destruction of his home, hope sprung up in Dean’s heart. Accompanied by the young woman, a druidess by the name of Elana, they traveled back to Nuary Port. When they reached Nuary Port Dean went to the Mage’s Guild once more. When he arrived a snob of a scribe informed him that he would have to make an appointment and that it would be a week before the heads would see him. Dean argued long with the scribe, who thought himself in a position of power. So after the argument Dean scribbled a note and told the scribe to give it to the heads: “There is a great Evil that is now walking among us and this is a warning of that evil but because of your incompetent scribe you will know nothing of this. Dean.” Dean then returned to Danyelle’s Tavern very surly.

That night Dean was allowed to examine the wand with the exception that he gives it back after his examination which he did. The wand had nothing to do with the piece of tablet but it was an ancient magical artifact of a magic that was a crime to practice in Selador, when Dean returned the wand he informed Danyelle of this fact. Dean also learned that Elana had gone to the local fighters’ guild and got a child of about 15 or 16 years by the name of Alawan. That night Dean was awoken and informed that someone was coming into the Tavern. Dean readied himself and went down the stairs. There were several cloaked figures and a man dressed in chain mail. The Figures where Exuding a Dark forbidden magic that was a sentence of death to practice in Selador, Necromancy the magic of Death. A great fight ensued and the skeletons fell to the group as well as the man who was stabbed several times in the face and chest by Blake, where did such anger come from? Dean gathered up one of the bundles and took it to the mage’s guild, to warn them of the practice of the magic of Death. When he arrived the door was locked so Dean placed the bundle outside of the door with a note about this being the evil that he had spoke of and a warning of things to come. When he returned he learned that Elana had come up missing during the fight and their plans to leave for the forbidden land had been speed up and so the group procured a small smuggler’s boat to ferry them across the strait. The man dropped them on the soil and the group moved off the beach as to not be seen from the other side. Dean’s hope swelled he was on his way to see Aranor and perhaps glean some information on his parents and the tablet. That night, as they camped, two people entered a magic alarm that Dean had set and woke the party, except for Alawan who was on watch. The two were a large barbarian woman and a man who was searching for his brother that had disappeared in the forbidden lands.

From the journal of Dean Selvarlas

Contributor: Andy Minegar