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Fallen angel who seeks an end to suffering
Little is known of Aram outside of the circles of the most learned, and what is known is caught up in legend and myth.

Once the angel of mercy, Aram witnessed the suffering of the mortal races and forsoke the oath of non-interference taken by the gods and celestials.

Aram descended into the mortal world and spent a goodly time there, trying to heal those in need but finding too many for his skills to cope with. Seeking help, Aram returned to the heavens only to find his passage barred by Yuriel, the angel of guardians. Because of his unlawful ways Aram was banished from the heavens forever and was left to descend back to the mortal realms.

There he tried to continue his quest of healing but exposure to so much suffering began to take its toll on him. Aram eventually as the centuries wore on Aram became unbalanced, losing sight of his purpose and becoming consumed with the idea of suffering and its end. Soon he began to practice euthanasia for his patients. At first it was only the worst of those who came to seek his aid. Soon, however, his views began to skew. A creature that was dead ceased to suffer, he began to believe. Then again, this was not necessarily true, as the spirit could carry on. Therefore the only way to end suffering would be through total destruction. What began as a mission of mercy had ended in madness. Aram could not cope with the pain of the world.

And Yuriel watched from afar, his gaze upon Aram for all the long years of his exile. In secret he left the gates of heaven to confront Aram and try to persuade him to end his mad, twisted medicine. They came to argument and then conflict and finally combat. Aram was stronger than Yuriel and imprisoned him, eventually trading his prisoner to a demon lord in exchange for certain secrets of the flesh that the demons had come to learn over the years of practicing their foul ways.

At some point in his wanderings amongst the mortal realms Aram created the Book Of Twilight, a tome recording what he knew of the Shadow Demons, a faction of Hell banished to The Plane Of Shadow.

Aram was destroyed in 3026 AA by the nascent goddess Threnody and the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear during his bid to remake creation in his own image using the Genesis Crystal.

Race: Celestial
Aram is a member of the Brotherhood Of Mercy

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen