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11, Satur AA 2987
We now travel with the Barbarian people to their city. I find myself much at home as we travel through this wilderness, leaving behind the scarred land to heal itself, as nature always will after manís folly. I spend much of our traveling time roaming away from the caravan slightly, the air and untouched wilderness is simply breathtaking. At night I sit around the campfire, next to Elana silently, merely trying to think of a way to tell her all the things that I would like to. First of all we must find some way to tell her that she has the spirit of the goddess herself inside of her, and secondly, to attempt to tell her how much I cherish her. Perhaps these are things she is never meant to know, or at least that I am never meant to tell her.

From the journal of Jerick

Contributor: Nick Pullou