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Arthay Verdain
Holy champion of Aesia and founder of the Verdain line.
Lord Arthay Verdain was a fierce warrior and devout dervant of the church of Aesia in Sellador.

During the Clerist Wars, however, he joined with a splinter faction within the church and rebelled againt many of the ultra-orthodox tennants of faith.Arthay was ultimately succesful and went on to become the first ruler of Gideon, a dutchy which was established in the wake of the split of Sellador. His family line would continue rule Gideon untill 2983 AA, when the dutchy was reabsorbed.

Race: human
Associated Regions: Sellador, Gideon
Arthay Verdain is a member of the Verdain Family

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen