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11, Terra 2988
The dream came again last night but different. I stood in the midst of the battlefield once again, my friends falling under enemy blows all around me, yet I stood motionless, helpless unable to stop the carnage, unable to do anything but watch in horror. Then as the battle ended still I stood there gazing upon the death. My friends surrounding me fallen and covered in blood. Then again I saw Elana and knew it was happening again I still couldn’t save her or my friends I was powerless, helpless…

When I awoke I was covered in sweat and the burns on my arms and chest still ached, but the pain was nothing compared to knowing I had let them die; first Nolan, then Uthgar and Danyelle, then miraculously Danyelle returned only to be killed again in these accursed chambers below his family keep, and then Dean also met his end, leaving us not even a body to mourn…

From the journal of Jerick

Contributor: Nick Pullou