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Of The Age Of Dragons
On the 29th Day of Satur
It is intriguing to see the power of vengeance. That it can sustain a spirit, overpower the will of others, and age the body is truly remarkable.

We have finally encountered Dolartu's ancestor dragon, Magmar. As the story goes, Magmar once slew a white dragon, Kalidrax. The vengeance Kalidrax feels towards Magmar is so strong that his spirit still exists for that soul purpose. We witnessed Kalidrax nearing his goal. He was attacking Magmar with a breath weopon that aged its victom with each strike. I made an attempt to heal Magmar when he fell near us and I inadvertantly placed myself in the way of Kalidrax's vengeance. I could feel the aging of my body and I could not help but cry out. At his chance though, Magmar moved me behind the shield of his body, I knew I had no choice to run from there, my meager magic would have done little to make a difference to the wearying of Magmar's body. With the benefit of Kalidrax's distraction by his own familiar, Freya (a tale I won't elaborate upon at this time) Magmar was able to actually occupy the physical space of Kalidrax and released a slaying breath of fire which has driven the ghost dragon from this realm, for the time being. We are now witness to a truly weary creature, I doubt he is much longer for this world, though I do hope he will stay with us long enough share some of the knowledge his life has given him.

From the journal of Altaire

Contributor: Sandra Cousino