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Ruins of the northern most human city in Argusund.
Virnskeggi was the northernmost residence of the humans of Argusund untill it was wiped out by the armies of Kalidrax in 3025 AA. It lies upon the northern shores of Inham Badur, the great bay of Argusund.

It was, for a time, the home of Lanathar, the former royal wizard of the court of the elven nation of Tel-Tenauril. Lanathar had been working his subtle tricks for many years, weakening the resolve and impeding the progress of the people of Virnskeggi. Had his influence been absent for all those years, Virnskeggi might have been able to hold out long enough for reinforcements to arrive from Huld, a city ot the south.

The seige of Virnskeggi was lead by Gazardath, a frost demon who had made a pact with Kalidrax. In exchange for his aid against the peoples of Argusund and their protector, the dragon Magmar, Gazardath would be fully summoned to the material place.

Associated regions include Huld, Inham Badur, Nodtheng Fjord
Virnskeggi is located in Argusund

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