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Iarond DuVale
Snobbish and underhanded elven noble.
Scion of the old and powerful House DuVale, Iarond quickly developed a powerful contempt for Islan Diemyn, his fellow student at the Temple Of Whispering Air. In Iarond's view, the Diemyn line, which was both a new House and one with little influence, was no better than commoner stock, and had no place amongst the Elven nobility. Never one to stick at using dirty, underhanded, and downright dangerous means to humiliate or degrade others, Iarond received his first comeuppance at the hands of Islan's recent companion Jacques, of the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, at the Tournament of Blades at the Temple Of Whispering Air. Iarond's contempt burst into searing hatred, and vowed revenge.

Soon after, Iarond became associated with the Keepers Of Mercy, under the leadership of Aram, and was thwarted several times more by the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear.

Iarond DuVale met his end in Argusund through the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear in 3026 AA.

Alignment: CE
Race: Elf
Associated Regions: Tel-Ithilien
Iarond DuVale is a member of the Keepers Of Mercy

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen