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The Temple Of Saint Bertram
Temple stronghold of the Knights of the Chalice

The Temple of Saint Bertram is a small fortified monestary in Northern Sellador some miles North-West of Calathor. It is here that the Knights of the Chalice, those Paladins of Aesia dedicated to eradicating all of Hell's minions from the Material Plane, keep their headquarters. The Order's leader, Sadira Silverwing, runs the temple with the strict athority not uncommon umong the Clerics of the Church of Sellador.
The order keeps it's most prized artifact hidden away at the Temple as well, the Chalice Of Saint Bertram.

Alignment: LG
Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Sellador
The Temple Of Saint Bertram is located in Midland

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald