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Grove Of The Final Defense
Last outpost against the hordes of Hell...

Populated largely by all sorts of Fey Creatures, the Grove is the last line of defense that the world has against the demons that have recently started pouring out of The Wisenwode, a small forest near the base of the Border Mountians. Powerful magics prevent the demons form escaping the forest, and the Fey army holds them off as best they can, with the assistence of the Wisenwode Druidic Order, and the leader of the resistence, Raen Stiele.
A small town, Truendor, where humans and fey live side by side is located at the edge of the forest, just before the entrance to the grove.

Alignment: CG
Inhabitants: Human
Associated regions include Gideon
Grove Of The Final Defense is located in Gideon

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald