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Wicked Sidhe of the unseelie court
Sluagh is bound to a portal to Hell on the Material Plane. He exists half on the Material Plane, and half in the Kingdom of Faerie, appearing etherial in both places.
The years spent in solitude as a ghost have taken their toll on Sluagh's already unstable mind, and he has become quite mad over the years. He is prone to shouting insults at anyone who comes near his portal, blowing raspberrys in their ears, and sneaking up behind them, waving his hands through their noses and yelling 'Got your conk!'
His true delight however, is in letting people enter his portal. To do so, one must draw at least one card from Sluagh's Deck of Many Things. He delights in the greed of mortals, as they play with an incredibally powerful magical atrifact, and revels in their inevitable destruction.

Alignment: CN
Race: Faerie Elf

Contributor: Jacob McDonald