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Tiny hamlet with a hidden secret.
Mirath could hardly have been called a town, being comprised of just a few buildings. It was an outpost supported primarily by the DuVale family for their secret dealings. Beneath thr well of Miriath lie the ancient tunnels of the lost human kingdom of Ur. These tunnels once housed a temple to Pazuu, the demonic bird deity.

For a time they served as the secret chambers of the DuVale family until exposed in 3025 AA by the Fellowship Of The Crystal Tear, who foiled the schemes of Iarond Duvale to exact jealous revenge against Islan Diemyn by holding his family for ransom.

During this time a mysterious being appeared and burned the town to ashes. There is currently nothing left of Miriath but a dark well and a few burnt foundations.

Inhabitants: Elf
Associated regions include Celembril
Miriath is located in Tel-Ithilien

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen