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Into the Deep
As we draw nearer to finding my family, I become ever more apprehensive. I worry that they are well, in a place that contains such monstrosities as we have fought. I feel somehow naked and vulnerable without the sunblade in my hands as we face these evils, yet I must press on; I must find my family, to see them safe...and to ask them why they never told me about what we as a people have done to the humans.

I worry, too, about having dragged my companions into this most perilous affair. We have rather taken a beating at the hands of the foes we have faced, and I fear that, before this is over, one of the stalwart folk that I have come to rely on will not return from the brink of death. I am not sure that I should allow them to continue; this journey is not theirs to make, they have no stake in what I do here, now. If they fall to foes while in search of the crystal, it would be regrettable indeed, but they would fall in the service of a noble undertaking, but this.... This is really for me alone. How could I ask them to further risk themselves?

I have found my youngest sister, Arilaw, in the confines of the dungeon, but I begin to wonder if it is really her that we found. As we were fighting the summoned elder fire elemental, she cast a magic missile, from which five of the energy balls appeared. As a recent entrant into the battlemage academy, she should not be anywhere near that advanced; it would mean her magic abilities already exceed my own! I admit that I grow suspicious of the circumstances surrounding her reappeearance.

When we've a moment to collect ourselves, I shall have to delve deeper into this matter, before we are caught by it unawares, again.

From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz