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My family is safe; for that I am beyond grateful.

Iarond DuVale will face justice in Celembril; I only wish I could be its agent.

I had not even considered the implications of being with my human companions when I set out to rescue my family, but it seems now to be coming to the fore. Though they are, I think, honestly grateful towards us all for saving them, it seems still clear that they are chagrined that I would be around them at all. Emlan, in particular, seems secretly mortified.

During our journey back to Celembril after the incident at Miriath, which I had to try to explain, we exchanged some rather heated words. Emlan had much to say about my travels with Jacques and Anwar, not to mention Arilyn, and I certainly took her to task for never telling me about what the real purpose of the Garanlyon was. I don't know how I shall ever tell them about my most bizarre relationship with Arilyn; I'm sure my father, at least, will think me making up some story to hide the (supposed) fact of my having...loved...a human, and gotten a daughter in the bargain. I'm sure I could trust them with the secret of the crystals, but I think that the fewer that know of them, the better it will be, for them and for us. I'm sure that little guttersnipe will make things difficult for me, though, and possibly jeopardize the secret of our cargo as well. It is not as though I could simply talk to her and ask her to refrain from mentioning it. Perhaps I should, though, for her own safety. I think if she presses Emlan too hard, she'll get cut to ribbons.

Mother seems to be taking the situation rather well. Of course, she has always been very pragmatic, and I'm sure she's more relieved that her children are safe, for the moment. Father, however, is another matter. Although he respects their prowess, I don't think he will ever really forgive me for dealing with them, and bringing them along to help me. I can see it in his eyes; that cold glance that passes over me when he thinks that I'm not looking. Durtaril seems mostly stoic, but I couldn't really say for sure; he and I never really did involve ourselves with each others' business very much. And Corestel, he's simply unreadable. Not surprising, really, given his profession.

I'm also a bit worried about what my parents will think when I reveal Arilaw's little secret. Atop everything else they've been forced to endure, I really don't know what their reaction will be. Arilaw is concerned, too, I know. She doesn't want them to know yet; I wish I could oblige her. I think it best that she stop hiding, however; it would be more beneficial for her, at the least. She could be trained more properly, learn to harness her powers better.

Would that I could stay with them a bit longer, despite the troubles I'd have to face at home. I know, though, that our quest remains ahead of us, and I find myself strangely longing for the road and where it may lead us now. Naresh's time will come, and I intend to be ready when it does.

Associated Regions: Miriath
From the journal of Islan Diemyn

Contributor: Chris Schuettpelz