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Ancient race of Shadow now banished to Hell

Long ago, the Kaorti dwelt on The Plane Of Shadow. They thrived there, forging a single great kingdom. But as their power grew, so did their greed.
They came to beleive that because they had a mighty military, and were powerful in the ways of magic, that they should be the supreme rulers of all of The Plane Of Shadow, and thus they began to attack every other race that inhabited the world. Their war lasted almost 2,000 years.
It was the dark elf Raythlyn who eventually ended the war. Calling upon the dread powers of his God, Azatoth, he used the powers of Chaos to fling the whole of the Kaorti civilization into a yawning abyss.
The Kaorti ended up in Hell. However, instead of being made to suffer, they found that they had free will to do as they pleased. Vowing revenge against the Drow, they set about forging their own kingdom, and founded Korenesti, now one of the six kingdoms of Hell.
The Kaorti have lived in Hell now for tens of thousands of years. The dark energies of that plane have warped them into the creatures they are today.

The Kaorti are identical to the race of the same name desrcibed in the Fiend Folio, with the following exceptions.
-Immune to Acid.
-Fast Healing 5
-Darkvision 60'
-Cold and Lightning Resist 5
-SR 14

To reflect their time spent in Hell, fully 65% of all Kaorti have the Fiendish template.

The Kaorti are a non-playable race.

Typical Alignment: NE
creatures are most often found in Hell, Plane Of Shadow

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald