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Located off the northeastern shores of Curmeah, the Phocacian Islands hold a vastly different flavor and culture than their Aljahdahn cousins.
The islands are split up into various city-states, with the only real kingdom being that of Tal-Teleos, the nation of the Minotaurs. Each city state holds their own brand of power that has kept them alive and functioning for thousands of years, giving the culture of the islands an old, tradition steeped feel.
The main island is called Phocacia, and houses the majority of the city-states, as well as the Minotaur kingdom. The northern reaches of this large island are dominated by Titanian Forest, named for the queen of the fey herself. Running south along the island are the Perlous Mountains. Numerous vales and passes make crossing the mountains easy, even though they split the island almost in two. The Perlous hills follow the mountains, ending near the Blackwode, a small forest ruled over by fell beings.
The Arcious River runs from the mountains down into the ocean, splitting into hundreds of tributaries near the shore. The only other notable bodies of water are Spereton Lake, located near the central eastern part of the island, and the Salt Basin, a large salt water lake formed by a river running inland from the ocean at the Southern tip of the island.
The other islands around the main one are divided into groups, many of them taking the names of the city-states that rule them. The largest of these is Heprecon, in the North East. South of there lies the Island of the Avorial, where many winged species make their homes in the steep cliffs that dominate it. Going further south, the next set of islands is the Trinity, a set of three united under the banner of a single city-state.
The South Eastern Islands are called the Blue Chain, taking their name from the pure blue waters that make up the ocean in the area. Their beauty is undeniable, and their charm has drawn several states into conflict over who is to own them for many years.
The final islands are the three that lie at the mouth of the Bay of Blood, on the Western side of the main island. These are called the Delsidon Islands, after the city-state that rules them from the main land.
Wars erupt between the city states every ten years or so, and Tal-Teleos fights to maintain it's borders against the humans that dominate the islands on a regular basis. Phocacian culture however, revolves around discovery and art, making it a rich and wondrous place.

Inhabitants: Human
Regions located within Phocacia include Arcious, Armiona, Heprecon, Spereton
Phocacia is located in Geas

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen