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Alahdian deity of magic and secrets.

Kho-Ensekh is the patron deity of wizards and sorcerers in El-Alahd. He is the keeper of rituals and master of secrets. The Crocodile is sacred to him and his holy symbol is a staff with an eye-shaped headpiece. His favored weapon is the staff.

Priests of Kho-Ensekh rarely refer to their god by his name, instead using cryptic phrases and round about means to imply who it is that they mean. Names such as "he who keeps to the path", "he who knows", and "the keeper of secrets" are a few of the many which are used.

In the distant past Kho-Ensekh was once called Korgano, a deity of ancient Ur. That existence is far behind, however, and almost no references to that time have survived to the present day.

Alignment: LN
Races who worship Kho-Ensekh are Human
Kho-Ensekh is worshipped in El-Alahd
Kho-Ensekh is the god of Secrets, Magic, Rituals, Power
Clerical Domains: Knowledge, Mysticism, Magic
Kho-Ensekh is a member of the Aeonae Modus, Alahdian Pantheon

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen