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Leon Deeproot
Druid of Everest
Leon is a young druid who lives on the outscirts of a small hamlet in the Selladorian Free Nations. He keeps to himself mostly, but helps out in the town when he can. No one knows much about his past, and he seems to want to keep it that way, avoiding any questions on the subject. Some say he is the reincarnation of a powerful druid that lived in the forest over a hundred years ago. Others say he is simply a normal man who is very much in touch with nature. Still others say that he holds a dark secret that he will go to any lengths to protect.
Leon met his end when he confronted a group of people from Everest in his grove. Revealing that he possesed the Taint of Naresh, and had been setting a Demonic Dire Bear on the hamlet, he attempted to kill them before they could stop his plans to destroy all of man-kind. He was thwarted, and killed, his taint passed on to Bram Torveldean, the towns prankster.

Alignment: NE
Race: Human
Associated Regions: Everest

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Contributor: Jacob McDonald