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Wanderers Wood
The realm of Jerick, lord of fate and life.
The realm of Jerick, lord of fate and life, patron to the lost who seek the path.

The Wanderers Wood is the personal realm of Jerick, the recently acended deity of life, death, destiny and fate. He created the realm from the powers given to him by the Genesis Crystal during his original struggle against Naresh the destroyer god.

The Wanderers Wood is also home to the Tolenar, the lost refugees of an alternate timeline in which Naresh the Destroyer had been victorious against the Heralds Of The Dawn in 2988 AA. The few survivors of the timeline, which was about to collapse into non-existence due to the actual defeat of Naresh and the death of Aranor, were saved by Jerick and brought to the his personal domain to have a second chance at existence.

Inhabitants: Tolenar
Associated regions include Geas
Wanderers Wood is located in Planar Cosmology

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen