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Portals Of Geas
Descriptions of various magical gateways throughout the known lands.

The Bone Portal

Located in a cave to the north of Caer Airbhe-Fal in Tel-Eldien, the Bone Portal is a one way passage that connects this land to a ruined underground chamber in the far off ruins of Atma City. It is composed of various skeletal fragments from many different types of creatures and is crowned at the arch with the skull of a stag. Created by evil magics, the portal is activated by smearing the blood of a recently slain creature upon it.

The entrance to the inner chamber of the cave containing the portal was sealed by Jemerall in 2987 AA.

Grimbold's Gate

Grimbold's gate is the name given to the dwarven portal connecting the dwarven outpost of Khrunos-Dur with Citadel, the dwarven capitol. The gate lost its connection to Citadel when the mists sealed Sellador off from the rest of the world in 2032 AA, and Khronus-Dur fell a few years later to an orcish invasion. The gate itself was forgotten and sealed away untill 3022 AA when adventurers from Gideon stumbled upon and reopened it, ushering in a era of trade between the humans of Gideon and Citadel. Thanks to the discovery of the gate the halls of Khrunos-Dur once again ring with the sound of dwarven hammers.

The Omaran's Escape

This one way portal leads from the ruins of the city of Omara to the foothills of the Border Mountains, within a few miles of Loch Lessten. Only a mortal of pure heart may cause the portal to open, but then others may step through after them for a few moments before it closes again. It was via this portal that the Omarans escaped the Rakshasa's wrath and settled in the Selladorian Free Nations to become the Amari.

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Contributor: Shawn Nicolen