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Gentle Giant and Fierce Friend
Gihm The Mountain is a half-ogre, always the outsider amongst his kind. Yet, despite this, he is blessed with optimism and a simple view of the world that guides him through the toughest situations.

Gihm was the unwanted child of a young Elven women who suffered from the lust of a band of marauding ogres. Her is name is lost to Gihm, as she died during childbirth.

Gihm's early memories are marked by the presence of the creatures of the wild lands, only surviving by the grace of gentle woodland spirits who took Gihm in as one of their own. In truth, Gihmís mother was a friend of they fey; upon her death they saw fit to raise her child as one of their own.

The fey count Gihm amongst their friends and will sometime appear to him, seeking news of his life and adventures. In most cases it seems as though Gihm might be talking to himself as they fey rarely make themselves known to others. Gihm, having grown amongst the woodland fey, counts the trees, stones, and rivers amongst his dearest friends.

Now, fey are wild creatures mush like children themselves and not given to raising a child, much less a half-ogre. So it is here that Kalithera enters into our tale. Kalithera was a druidess of the northern woods, seeking to protect its lands from the dark forces of the world. Kalithera, at the request of the fey of the northern woods, sought to teach Gihm as best she could. Though her duties to the forest often took her elsewhere, Kalithera did her best to make sure Gihm survived not only the trials of the wild lands but also the affections of the fey.

As time passed and Gihm grew into maturity he began to grow curious of his true nature. Seeking out others of his own kind, Gihm eventually discovered a clan of ogres living on the northern border of his forest home.

Wanting desperately to belong, Gihm joined their band. He quickly found that their cruel tricks and cruel manner was in direct opposition to his own nature. Still, they were he his people, and with them he stayed.

It was with these ogres that Gihm learned to use a sword. It was with these ogres that Gihm learned to hunt. It was with these ogres that Gihm learned what it was to kill.

It was during a raid upon a small village in the northern mountains that Gihm found himself caught up in the bloodlust of his heritage and took the life of a young elven warrior who only sought to defend his home.

Seeing the body before him Gihm's mind broke and he fled into the forest. It was soon after that he was caught and brought before the chief of the clan. The ogres were tired of dealing with this gentle child within their midst.

The ogre chief, who was not unwise, decided against killing Gihm right out. A conference was being called amongst the elves to the south and the Ogres, who were supposedly friends of those nations (curse the Ogre Magi, that they pretend to rule over our lands), had been requested to attend. The chief also knew that without exception his band would more than likely get themselves into trouble within the confines of a city. Gihm, he decided, would provide an excellent scapegoat. So it was decided that Gihm's punishment would be to act as guard to the chief (and take the blame for whatever mischief the ogre's would cause).

And so it was that Gihm found himself at the council of the lands of eastern Tel-Tenauril, and so it was that he found himself volunteered for a mad quest that the ogre chieftain could care little for.

Alignment: NG
Race: Half-Ogre

Contributor: Shawn Nicolen