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ShockFrost? Tempest? WinterBolt? FrostFang?
FrostFang wants me to rename him. I thought about it. But I'm so used to FrostFang the Dragon Slayer. If I change his name he'll be like a whole new person. I mean sword.

Ok, so he is like a new sword. It all started when it became time to present the new goddess and queen to her adoring public. And do they ever adore. Hundreds of cheering people packed into the town square waiting for a single glimpse of a drooly ankle biter. When I was born there wasn't any cheering. Either time. The most cheering I've ever gotten was this one time, I don't remember the town exactly, but the men sure yelled when my dress fell over my ears while I was walking on my hands. Sure I had forgot my knickers that day, but we all really ate well that night.

So I'm in the middle of this crush with Arung, the gigantor half-man in a skirt, and Anwar. We're surrounded by the masses and clerics are spraying us with water from above. The mist was cooling but when it started to thunder we were a little confused since there was nothing but blue sky. Suddenly, there is a blue dragon hovering above the crowd. He's all mean and hungry. Dolartu is yelling something at him, as Dolartu, Islan, and Jacques are all on our balcony, but talking in dragon tongue so all I get are growls and snorts. Pissed off that blue though. Pissed him off even more when Jacques jumped on his back. It would have looked really cool except then the dragon fell onto his back and started rolling around like a dog.

But with all the stupid people trying to get out, Arung and I can't get foward. Anwar took off somewhere. Finally the crowd thinned enough for me to get in close. All I got was one swipe at his underbelly as I dove through his legs. But that was enough. FrostFang went through that dragon like butter. I rolled into an attacking stance just in time to see all the guts fall out. Woah. I knew I had hit him. I mean I could feel blood stream down my arm, but I didn't realize FrostFang was that powerful. I don't think he tells me everything.

After, he was practically in a bloodlust from that dragon. He kept yelling at me to stab it again and again make sure it's good and dead and can't I feel the rush too? and how we need to take care of the OTHER dragons around. (hint, nudge) Then FrostFang started to glow while little gold sparklies shot up and down his blade. Apparently, every time he slays a dragon, he sucks in a little of the magic power. So now he can do frost and lightening damage, I guess. Teehee. I can't wait to see what THAT will do.

The only somewhat annoying thing is that he talks about Dolartu ALL THE TIME now. Before it wasn't nearly this bad. AND while I can be pretty unobservant sometimes, I haven't missed those dirty looks Dolartu sends FrostFang, even if s/he doesn't say anything about it. I just don't get it. It's not like FrostFang is ugly. In fact, he is gorgeous. I make sure to keep him shiny. And he's incredibly well made. I can balance him on a finger. I wish they would get the hint. Are they both important? Yeah. Am I going to destroy the other's rival? Uh, no. Not by my choice anyway. If I had to choose one? Well that's a toughy. My stalwart companion? Or Dolartu? While I can't grab Dolartu by the ankles and swing her around, FrostFang can't act independently. So what's a girl to do? Screw it. I got better things to worry about than inter-party relations.

From the journal of Arilyn

Contributor: Jess Landin