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The elven lands of the east. Divided from thier by geography and by custom.

The eastern lands of the elven nation are far different from thier western counterparts. They seem more tolerant of other races, even to the point of equal rulership among its council. Bordered to the north and west by the southern spike of the Korstag mountain range, Tel-Awerylyon seems far removed from western politics. They have even went so far as to create a reletive peace with the Ogre Magi empire along its northern borders. This country holds a well-spring of beauty and mystery to outsiders, with its foreign customs and "religion."
The primal elements hold great reverence in this land. Four major temples dedicated to the elements reside in Tel-Awerylyon. A fifth, though less known one, resides underneath the crown city of Gogyu Tenjou. The temple of the Shadow, also known as the Void. Each temple is believed to house the guardian of its element, though none but the highest of household members are known to have met these enigmatic beings.
Another concept that further shows the differnce of this society is thier concept of houses. Though originally founded on the same as that of the other elven houses, the eight great houses of Tel-Awerylyon are divided among the four elements, two to each. These houses are made up of elves, humans, and even half-elves are able to hold equal power and respect among thier peers. This belief of a closer equality has further ostracized them from the more isolationist brethren of the west.

Alignment: NG
Inhabitants: Elf
Associated regions include Argusund
Tel-Awerylyon is located in Tel-Tenauril

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Contributor: Mike Garland